From SQL Training to Hadoop: More Tools Mean Higher Salaries

The more skills you have, the higher your salary as a data scientist.  A recent survey by O’Reilly examined the relationship between the tools data scientists rely on and their salaries. The top skill cited, not surprisingly, is SQL, leveraging … Continued

Big Data Analytics Requires New Approach

In order to unlock the value of big data, a new approach to big data analytics is needed. Using programmatic tools such as MapReduce isn’t scalable, labor-wise; it’s much more effective to use a tool many data analysts can leverage, … Continued

Will Big Data and Hadoop Force Data Warehouses Into Extinction?

Although Hadoop was created to deal with burgeoning unstructured data, in practice one of the primary use cases for Hadoop is ETL. As more structured data is stored in Hadoop, it begs the question: do we really need a separate … Continued

Can Your SQL Training Help You Become a Data Scientist?

There’s a shortage of data scientists; that much everyone knows. The question is how best to fill that gap. Increasingly, leveraging existing skills, and particularly, leveraging the SQL training most people who work with data already have, is viewed as … Continued