Hadapt’s flagship product is the Adaptive Analytical Platform, which brings a native implementation of SQL to the Apache Hadoop open-source project. By combining the robust and scalable architecture of Hadoop with a hybrid storage layer that incorporates a relational data store, Hadapt allows interactive SQL-based analysis of massive data sets. Hadapt 2.0 delivers the industry’s first interactive applications on Hadoop, via Hadapt Interactive Query; the Hadapt Development Kit™ (HDK) for custom analytics; and integration with Tableau Software.

Hadapt’s patent-pending technology features a hybrid architecture that brings the latest advances in relational database research to the Apache Hadoop platform. RDBMS technology has advanced significantly over the past several decades, but current analytic solutions were designed prior to the advent of Hadoop and the paradigm shift from appliance-based computing to distributed computing on clusters of inexpensive commodity hardware. Hadapt is based on Hadoop from the ground up, and offers an all-in-one system for structured, unstructured, and multi-structured data.

In contrast to the “Hadoop Connector” strategy employed by many MPP analytic database vendors, Hadapt uses Hadoop as the parallelization layer for its 
query processing, with each
 node’s structured and
 unstructured data stored in
 a RDBMS and in HDFS, respectively. Consolidating data 
into a single platform drastically
 reduces TCO, eliminates data 
silos, and allows for richer analytics through consumption of diverse data types. Additionally, Hadapt’s unified architecture and flexible schema capabilities reduce the complexities associated with emerging analytic use cases – including graph analysis, clustering, and classification – while dramatically increasing performance and scale.

The HDK empowers analysts to create advanced SQL analytic functions that can be used for campaign analysis, full text search, funnel analysis, sentiment analysis, pattern matching and predictive modeling. In addition, Hadapt consulting services can help organizations address challenges in data integration and analytics, as well as identify opportunities to monetize their data, such as deploying and integrating Hadapt with other data analysis tools, developing the business logic and user interface required to complement the Hadapt product, and forming an end-to-end business solution.