The Application

Knowledge is power for today’s web-driven business models. Online marketeers have two primary goals. First, they strive to optimize user experience by designing fluid, intuitive websites. Second, they aim to increase online sales conversion rates. Funnel analysis enables clear visibility into web user behavior and preferences. The resulting actionable insights can dramatically improve website “stickiness” and increase “call-to-action” conversions.

The Challenge

The challenges of collecting and analyzing multi-structured data are significant. Capturing the data footprint of each website visitor and action taken, along with social sentiment, transactional behaviors, etc. puts enormous pressure on most analytical platforms’ cost and performance. MPP databases were not purpose-built to handle multi-structured data. Consequently, legacy systems require custom “connectors”, which attempt to use Hadoop for ETL before shipping aggregated subsets of data into the database, creating slow, inefficient, and expensive data silos.

The Use Case

Hadapt unifies SQL and Apache Hadoop, enabling customers to analyze all of their data (structured, unstructured, and multi-structured) in a single platform—no connectors, complexities, or rigid structure.

A large financial products company tracks clickstreams to evaluate its website usability and conversion effectiveness. Each day, the firm continuously ingests more than a terabyte of structured and unstructured data. To gauge high-level website activity, the firm examines user demographics (browser type/version, geography, timestamps); page views (URLs); and conversions (product submissions). But simply taking the temperature of its website is one thing; optimizing its effectiveness is another.

The company performs funnel analysis to diagnose and treat application deficiencies. Funnel analysis utilizes multi-structured data to determine: a) the conversion paths, or “funnels”, users typically follow within the website, and b) where along the funnel users frequently drop off. The company may notice, for example, that users are consistently leaving its website at a certain stage in the product acquisition process, but it does not understand why. Significant attrition at a particular stage could mean users are struggling to find the information they need to advance through the funnel. With full text search capabilities embedded in Hadapt, analysts can investigate the text that users submit to the site’s FAQ section immediately prior to abandoning. Armed with new insights about the problems users are encountering, the firm can quickly make adjustments to solve them and proactively engage the customer earlier in the funnel.

Advanced analytics are simple with Hadapt. Funnel analysis is traditionally executed in Hadoop through complex, time-consuming MapReduce jobs. With the Hadapt Development Kit™, business analysts execute it with the click of a mouse. Hadapt also boasts scalable ingestion and analytics; built-in high-availability; and interactive performance with industry standard BI tools.

With unprecedented visibility into user behavior, organizations can more effectively tailor offerings and engagement strategies to drive desired outcomes and boost company health. Evaluate Hadapt. Doctor’s orders.