Webinar – Big Data ROI for Profitability, Productivity and Customer Experience

Objective Logistics is a software company leveraging game dynamics, performance-based scheduling, built-in rewards programs, labor optimizations and data analytics to provide a labor performance management solution for restaurants/retailers. Join Matthew Grace (Objective Logistics CTO and Founder) and Patrick Toole (Hadapt Pre-Sales) as they highlight the challenges surrounding multi-structured data analytics and the power of Hadapt’s Multi-Structured Tables and Schemaless SQL.

Hadapt Eliminates the Need for Complex ETL

Hadapt VP of Engineering Christopher Rocca and Pre-Sales Manager Patrick Toole drop by theCUBE at Strata + Hadoop World 2013 to discuss how Hadapt makes information more consumable by providing analysts with SQL access to HDFS and by offering "Schemaless SQL", eliminating the need for complex ETL processes. Rocca says his firm’s software is smarter and more agile than Cloudera Impala, a rival SQL-on-Hadoop solution.

Hadapt’s Scott Howser: Aligning and Working with Data

Scott Howser, Vice President of Marketing at Hadapt, discusses the different requirements of businesses to make life simpler live inside theCUBE with Wikibon’s David Vellante and Jeff Kelly from the floor of MIT CDOIQ Symposium 2013 in Cambridge.